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Creating Momentum: Energy Fuels Your Volunteer Ministry

Where do you see the greatest energy and momentum on a Sunday? Is it in your church or on Sunday Night Football? Now I’m not going to propose making a performance out of worship or church but I do want to think about what we can learn about creating momentum.


Football Stadium and God’s Church 

Have you ever attended a professional football game? If not, I bet you’ve watched one. Where does the energy come from? It’s created. From the theme song to the announcers to the introductions and spirit line there is energy being created.  How do you create energy in your church?  In your ministries?  Among your volunteers?  People like to be where the energy is.


So how do you create positive energy?


First you and your leaders need to be positive in your approach to opportunities. Start with a smile.  Think about your word choices. The words you use are huge.  Help wanted- sounds like a job.  We’re recruiting- sounds like the army. Hey, we have a great opportunity for us to come together and…. Sounds so much more inviting.

Second, YOU need to be enthusiastic! You need to be the excited announcer or the cheerleader for your church or ministry.

Third, make it fun! If you’re not having fun, they certainly won’t. Your usher team needs to think about welcoming as a cast member would at Disney World. We certainly have something more exciting to share than Mickey Mouse.  We have Jesus!  Your ushers are there to make others feel welcome and encouraged.  Make everyone feel like they belong and you are excited to see them.

Make serving meaningful. Help people see how what they are doing, no matter how trivial- like cleaning the toilets- is connected to sharing the gospel and building God’s kingdom.

Make serving efficient. Provide those serving with the materials they need to get the work done quickly and effectively. They will appreciate you valuing their time and will be willing to serve again.

Tell great stories. Make sure your people hear how they made an impact.  “Mrs. So and So said this was the friendliest church she has ever been to and she can’t wait to come back.”  How does that impact your congregation?  More people become more friendly! Get others to tell great stories too.  Be sure to ask people to talk about their experience and provide you with feedback from their serving experiences.

Celebrate your successes no matter how small. If a football team wins by 1 point it is celebrated more than a 21 point win.

Thank people for their service and appreciate them for who they are individually. When you see someone using a spiritual gift or strength point it out.  We all need encouragement.

  • If you want to move members from being spectators in the pews to players in God’s kingdom you need to create positive momentum and energy!

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