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Sabotaging Member Involvement

Are you or your people sabotaging your efforts to involve more people in ministry? Often congregations struggle with getting people involved.  Certain behavior or attitudes may have invaded the culture of your congregation.

Today, let’s address three people issues that can possibly be sabotaging your efforts.

  1. Negativity- Often we approach things from a negative perspective. “If we don’t get more volunteers, such and such is not going to happen.”  No one wants to jump on a sinking ship.

  2. Arrogance- “Well, if it wasn’t for me nothing would get done.”

  3. Grumpy- “Nothing is ever right around here.”

Pastors and church volunteer leaders need to be creating energy for their teams.  NOT drain the energy. Begin by assessing where the energy has leaked out in your congregation.  Remember to begin by looking in the mirror and asking yourself, “Is my attitude right?”

So what do you do if you have other people who are draining the energy and momentum?

Chris Mavity, in “Your Volunteers” says that NAGs (Negative, Arrogant, or Grumpy leaders or people) drain energy from volunteer organizations.  His suggestion in dealing with them is to NAG them back.

  1. Neutralize their unwanted influence- Perhaps they’ve been in the role too long. Maybe they are going through a difficult season of life.  Maybe they need to be served rather than serving.

  2. Advise them regarding the behavior you are seeing and what you think needs to happen; and if necessary

  3. Give them specific options.

So, now that you know how to deal with what’s draining your organization of energy, how do you create positive energy and momentum?    Check back next week for Creating Momentum:  Energy Fuels Your Volunteer Ministry and grab some great ideas!

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