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What’s Your Kingdom Purpose?

I ran across a couple of pages in SHAPE by Erik Reese today that made me think of all of you.  Do you know what your kingdom purpose is? Do your friends or fellow church members know their purpose? Let the following words from SHAPE be inspiration to you.

“Every journey has a starting point.  Today is the starting point of your life-changing journey of discovery. Before you begin, take a moment to mark your starting place.  Where are you today, right now, at the beginning of your adventure with God? The list below will help you mark the spot.  Read each statement and indicate your current status by circling the appropriate number: 3= yes, 2=somewhat, 1=no.  When you have finished add the numbers for your score.

My unique God given purpose in life is clear.                                                          3  2  1

My spiritual gifts are being expressed.                                                                      3  2  1

My passions are being utilized for God.                                                                    3  2  1

My natural abilities are being used to serve others.                                               3  2  1

My personality is helping me to serve others.                                                         3  2  1

My purpose capitalizes on many or my experiences.                                             3  2  1

My life is completely surrendered to God.                                                               3  2  1

My attitude and actions reflect a servant heart.                                                     3  2  1

My accountability to others is consistent.                                                               3  2  1

My schedule shows how I am investing in others.                                                3  2  1

My plan to fulfill my purposed from God is set.                                                    3  2  1

Where Are You Today?

25+ points = Focused Kingdom Purpose

Based on your answers your God-given strengths seem clear and your specific purpose  from God is concise.  Your life is in balanced and providing lasting fulfillment.  You strive to live surrendered so you can find freedom in your role as a servant.  You have a solid accountability team in place that offers the encouragement and support you need to be faithful to God’s design.  You invest in the lives of others on a regular basis.  Your master plan is on target for maximizing your God-given strengths.  You feel you truly are living the life you were meant to live.

15 – 25 = Fragmented Kingdom Purpose

Based on your answers, your God-honoring purpose seems cluttered.  Your strengths are somewhat confused due to the fact that you are overextended in many areas of your life- something we can all relate to.  There are times when you feel you are using your gifts for God’s glory, but there also are issues, emotions, and desires in your life that you still need to surrender to God in order to live the life he has in store for you.  Your accountability to others may not be as God – or you- would like.  You desire to invest in others, but have not committed the time.  You have a few goals in place, but no master plan to ensure your purpose for God is completed.  The result is intermittent fulfillment.  You occasionally feel you are living the life you were created for, but you long for greater clarity.


Less than 15 = A Frustrated Kingdom Purpose

Based on your answers, you are confused about your specific purpose in life for God.  You lack a clear idea of who you are and you have few clues about what God made you to do.  Your specific God-given strengths are unknown.  Surrender and servanthood are not themes you have engaged at this stage of your journey with God. You don’t feel safe making yourself accountable to others.  Investing in others is not currently a priority of your life. Overall, your life is not as balanced as you would like it to be.  Fulfillment is hard for you to find.  You admit you don’t have a clear-cut strategy for your life.  You may even feel most of the time that you are just surviving.”


If you are struggling with finding your purpose, pick up a copy of S.H.A.P.E. by Erik Rees.  This is a starting place for anyone who is struggling with understanding God’s purpose for their life.  If you would like your church family to help members to more clearly identify how they can best serve God and others you may be interested in learning about Faith Unleashed Consulting’s Services!  Helping people serve in meaningful ways is what we do!  We can provide your congregation with a Discovery Class entitled SHAPED to Serve.

Do you need a system to engage members in ministry?  We can help you create a customized sustainable Member Ministry System through our 18 month consulting plans.

Not sure? Wonder what others have to say? 

Feel free to reach out and ask some questions!  We love to help individuals and congregations!

Blessings to you as you seek to find your personal ministry!


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