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Words Matter: Vocabulary Shifts for Member Ministry

The words we use often communicate things we don’t mean to communicate. For instance, do you use the word “volunteer” in regard to opportunities for people to serve at church? In today’s culture, volunteer means to do something freely by choice.  That also means we can freely choose to not do something.  Is that what God teaches us in His Word about Christians living out their faith? Does he say we get to volunteer to serve if we want to?

Here are some key vocabulary shifts we made in regard to our Member Ministry System.

Volunteer Coordinator to Personal Member Ministry Coordinator

Recruit to Invite

Delegate to Partner in Ministry

Volunteer to Serve

Job Descriptions to Ministry Position Descriptions

Volunteers to Ministers or Servant Leaders

Committees to Teams

Programs to Ministries

Organizations to Ministries

We also made the shift from

Pastors and teachers do ministry to WE ALL DO MINISTRY!

Pastors and leaders are the doers to pastors and leaders are the equipers.

You might also enjoy reading about the words: Membership or Partnership!

Choose your words carefully.  They matter!

Want to learn more? Try reading the book “Me to We Unleashing Your Church” by Alan Nelson

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