Churches are Re-opening: What Did You Learn?

So what did you learn over the last ninety days? Have you thought about it? “Change in the church” has often been a joke. It takes some churches forever to make a change because we humans resist change. This time change wasn’t optional. It was forced upon us. We had to adapt. What things can we learn from this experience? Have you reflected on the past ninety days? Take a few minutes to do so today.

“Our greatest learning comes in looking back and evaluating experiences. I call it reflection.”


  • How did you respond during this time? Why did you respond in that way?
  • How did you adapt or pivot? Was this viewed as a challenge or a chore?

Church Leadership:

  • How did your church’s leadership respond?
  • Who responded in a new way that surprised you?
  • Who stepped up or stood out?
  • Who influenced you the most during this time both inside and outside your church?
  • Who just disappeared or did nothing on your leadership teams?
  • Who resisted or fought the changes the most? Do you usually see this person responding in this way?
  • Who seemed most prepared and willing to lead through change?
  • What adjustments might you need to make to your leadership teams?


  • What new things did you try that will stick into the future?
  • Where did you see the greatest impact during this time?
  • What failures did you experience? What did you learn?
  • What new opportunities do you see?
  • What threats do you see and how will you respond to address those situations?
  • What next steps do you need to take?

Reflections often helps us to clearly see our next steps.  God’s blessings to you as you take those next steps.