The Member Ministry Network (MM Network) is a valuable resource for member ministry coordinators and volunteer coordinators in church organizations to provide support, encouragement, fresh ideas, and strategies. MM Network serves to support the staff who support their home congregations and volunteer circles in order to cultivate and nourish vibrant, active, and flourishing ministries within their churches and communities.

What do you gain from joining?

  • Monthly group video conferences with other coordinators across the country to share best practices (currently 9 AM CDT second Friday of every month)
  • Every month learn, discuss and grow with timely, relevant topics that impact and help grow ministries, strengthen leadership, and develop ministry teams
  • Direct mentoring from Personal Member Ministry Founder and Faith Unleashed Consultant, Lori Lorig
  • Develop professional relationships and contacts with others in your role in different church settings across the country
  • Network with other church leaders
  • Be the first to learn about new webinars and workshops! 

The annual membership fee is only $149 a year (January 1 to December 31).

Click HERE to become part of the Network today!

Member Ministry Network Testimonials

“Member Ministry Network has provided a space where those in the ministry field can share, discuss, learn, and grow all to further the ministry of spreading God’s Word. The network includes a wide range of those in the ministry field and we continuously are learning from and share with each other the ups and downs that we face. I always leave our monthly gatherings with a renewed fire for working in the ministry field, when I am unable to attend I truly miss the conversations but look forward to the information shared afterwards.”

Katie Neuman, Activities Director, Christ Ev. Lutheran Church, Pewaukee, WI

“The Member Ministry Network has allowed me the great opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with so many other Church Ministry Leaders. The relationships formed through the Member Ministry Network have given me the means to not only share the experiences and knowledge that I have with others but it has also allowed me to learn and grow from those who are navigating the same roles within the area of Church Engagement.”

Maria Keuschel, Ministry Engagement Coordinator, 922 Ministries (St. Peter/The CORE), Appleton, WI

“Having a specific time set aside to discuss ministry is a much-needed prompt to inspire and motivate me in my calling to serve in the area of member ministry in our congregation. It’s about Jesus and his people – building their relationship and in the process the relationship we have with you, Lori, and each one on the call, taking what we’ve learned to our members…and bringing what we’ve experienced with our people to share with the network attendees. … The topics are timely and each month Lori shares her agenda thoughts of Scripture, encouragement from her many years of consulting along with practical documents.”

Salley Valleskey, Abiding Word Church, Houston, TX