S.H.A.P.E.D. to Serve

(Friday, Saturday) This fun interactive retreat allows participants to dig into God’s Word and study themselves. Participants will discover their Spiritual Gifts, focus in on what they are passionate about, identify their abilities, learn about personalities, evaluate life experiences and then begin to piece all of these concepts together to more fully understand their unique calling. We wrap up with a conversation on how to set priorities based on the Best Yes principle. Through videos, assessments and group discussion participants grow to greater appreciate how God has uniquely shaped them. This retreat will change how you approach and do life! (7 hours)

Understanding My Spiritual Gifts

Participants will look at the Biblical reasons for understanding spiritual gifts and take a spiritual gift assessment. Small group discussions will allow them to articulate places where they have used these gifts and have been affirmed in them. (1 hour – 1 1/2hours)

Identifying my Passions

This workshop helps people to articulate the people and causes that they are passionate about. They also will identify needs the like to meet. We will discuss how to create ministries around our passions. (1 hour)

Different by Design: Understanding Personalities

Participants will take a quick personality assessment, identifying their own unique personality and then look at the 4 different primary characteristics of the different personalities. Participants will begin to explore and value different personalities types and learn the benefits of including different personalities on every team. (1 hour)

Be You! Living in Your Gifts and Passions

Participants dig into God’s Word and examine the Bible verses that speak to our need to know our gifts and serve together as the body of Christ. Each participant will walk away more confident knowing their spiritual gifts and with a clearer understanding of the passions that God has uniquely placed on their heart. We conclude with a discussion on how to take steps to move toward more joyful living. (3 hours)

Different by Design: Embracing Personalities

God has created each of us uniquely and yet all God’s people share in four different personality traits. Do you have people who make you crazy? This workshop can help! Participants will learn their unique personality traits and will begin to recognize and value the traits in others. God created us to complement one another and not to frustrate each other and yet we still do! Marriage, parenting, work relationships and team building will be discussed. Assessment, group discussion and activities are part of this workshop. This workshop will change how you see and get along with people! (3 hours)



High School Students

I am God’s DESIGN

Students begin by talking about love -God’s love for us and our love for Him. Over the course of the day we look at what we are DOING, our life EXPERIENCES, SKILLS, INTERESTS, GIFTS AND NATURE. This allows students to study themselves for the day and step into living more intentionally from their God-given strengths. This is a great pre-college workshop! (6 hour in house field trip or location of your choice)


Junior High Students

Got Gifts?

An introductory level of I am God’s DESIGN Includes team building and affirmation activities. This workshop helps teens investigate the idea of more intentional living and helps them to understand the need to put their faith in action! (4 hours)


5th–6th Grade Students

Uniquely You!

Don’t you love it when someone notices something you are good at and tells you? This workshop helps build confidence and tear down fears that often hold students back during their junior high school years. Students will recognize strengths and abilities with peer affirmation; look at different personality types; participate in team building activities; begin to think about people, causes and needs that they are interested in; and be introduced to intentional living. (4 hour in house field trip or location of your choice)