elton-headshot“Lori has both the passion and the experience to help you imagine, shape, and implement your member ministry program.  She understands the significance of putting the right people in the right place for their personal benefit, the health of the congregation, and the good of the kingdom.”

 – Pastor Elton C. Stroh, D.Min. – Crossroads Consulting Ministry

bruce-becker_headshot“Lori has a deep understanding of how spiritual gifts, abilities, personalities, and life experiences work together to shape individuals. She inspires people to intentionally live out of their God-given strengths to accomplish their own unique God-given purpose. Lori has helped numerous churches develop customized systems to engage, equip, and empower people to serve within their congregation and community. Churches that want to create a vision for member engagement and a sustainable member ministry system, will find Lori’s knowledge, experience, and insights invaluable. She is a leader in engaging members in ministry.”

 – Bruce Becker, Executive Vice President, Time of Grace Ministry

frank-italiano_headshot“After working with Lori for 7 years, I can tell you that she is THE person to help develop member ministry in a congregation. God has used her life experiences and shaped her into an amazing gift for his church. We were greatly blessed here at Trinity through her work.”

– Pastor Frank Italiano, Trinity Lutheran Church Crete, IL

nicole-dorn-kotecki_headshot“In 2011 I participated in the S.H.A.P.E.D. to serve class. This class was such a blessing to me!  Having been in high school and not knowing how to share my spiritual gifts, or even what they were at the time, made this class very beneficial for my life.  I left confidently knowing how I could glorify God in my life; at home, in the public, and in his Church.  I now get to share my God-given gifts and abilities every day in a classroom full of his children, teaching them how to use their gifts and talents to glorify him! ”

– Nicole (Dorn) Kotecki , 1-2 Grade Teacher at Samuel Lutheran School and Sunday School Superintendent, Member at Christ Lutheran Church, Marshall MN

sharon-buck-headshot“Lori is a gifted speaker, teacher and consultant. When she came to our congregation, we found her to be engaging and intuitive. Her practical and proactive thoughts and ideas were truly a blessing to our member ministry program…. and beyond!”

 – Sharon Buck, Grace Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC

banaszak-tom-staff-minister“Morning Star congregation conducted a process of ministry evaluation and vision setting using WELS Parish Assistance.  The process identified the value and importance of member ministry.  The Parish Assistance consultants recommended that Morning Star commit resources and staffing to develop it.  Morning Star formed a task force to explore the principles and components of member ministry, and establish a program to help disciples of Christ shine wherever they are.  In multiple phases, the task force spent about two years in this work.

The task force and I heard about personal member ministry (PMM) at Trinity in Crete and Trinity’s PMM Director, Lori Lorig.  Lori shared information and resources with our task force.  She provided invaluable insight to guide Morning Star’s path toward a solid foundation for member ministry.  Lori led members of Morning Star through the SHAPED Workshop, and she continued to provide assistance to our task force during its work of exploration and development.  Lori is an excellent communicator and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience about PMM and its application in congregations.  She is particularly gifted in her understanding of the Christ-centered servant mindset, and the obstacles that impede a gospel-motivated culture in a congregation.  I highly recommend Lori’s services to those who want to explore member ministry and enhance the service culture and activities within their congregation and community.”

– Staff Minister Tom Banaszak, Project SHINE Director at Morning Star Lutheran Church in Jackson, WI (Project SHINE is the name of personal member ministry at Morning Star)

stellick“It was a privilege and blessing for me to know and work with Lori for 14 years in my pastoral ministry. She has a great appreciation for the spiritual gifts God bestows on his people. Her mission to help people realize their gifts and to serve with those gifts is a wonderful ministry.”

– John Stellick, pastor, em.