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Creating a Member Ministry System in Your Congregation

Could you use more volunteers?
Would you like to engage more members in meaningful ministry?

Move beyond just maintaining ministry in 2024!
Help grow and unleash God’s people for the benefit of his kingdom!

I will help you motivate and move your people from sitting to serving!
I will share the 8 Key Components of a Member Ministry System
and Resources to Make this Happen in Your Congregation.

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A note from Lori:

I am a life-long WELS member and served on the staff of Trinity Lutheran Church in Crete, Illinois as the Coordinator of Member Ministry. I led our congregation in building a sustainable system to engage members in meaningful personal ministry. In 2016, I trained my replacement and launched Faith Unleashed Consulting in January of 2017.  Pastor Frank Italiano serves as our lead Pastoral Consultant.  I’ve been leading volunteers in our churches and schools for over 30 years. I’d love to help you create a Member Ministry System in your church! Check out what people are saying about me!

Member Ministry is now a core value of Trinity Lutheran Church in Crete Illinois and it can be a core value in your church too!  What a blessing it is when members “get to” serve alongside pastors and are actively living out their faith and God’s purpose for their lives!

Questions? Contact Lori at 708- 431-9496 or [email protected]

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