Leadership can feel lonely. It can feel like no one understands your challenges and frustrations. And knowing God divinely placed you in this leadership role, you can feel an additional burden of “getting it right.” The good news is that you don’t need the spiritual gift of leadership in order to develop your leadership skills. Leadership is learnable.

Leadership coaching is a service offered in our approach to leadership development. The one-on-one individualized support, in combination with practical and Christian-based application and accountability, provides an extraordinary opportunity for development at any stage of your leadership journey. From a thirty-year tenured leader in ministry to a first-time leader, you can benefit from the support that coaching provides.

Leadership coaching may be initiated by the church or school, or you may decide in additional support in your journey outside of the church or school. We support both.

As part of the first steps, I would meet with the coaching participant and have a positioning conversation to introduce the concept of coaching. This conversation is important as it explains the investment and value to the growth of the participant and the ministry. This conversation is 90-minutes in length.

From there, the process will be laid out based on a customized approach to the coaching participants’ goals. We may employ a DISC assessment, 360-degree feedback process and on-going communication with the coaching participants’ leader. This will all be discussed in the first introductory session.

Each additional coaching session is 60-minutes in length.

Coaching participants range from leaders at all levels from church presidents to first-time leaders.


Price Structure

Sessions are per person. Contact Cindy for group rates.

First session/1 one-hour session for $69.00
3 one-hour sessions for $199.00
6 one-hour sessions for $379.00

Each session will include a follow-up email with key takeaways and homework to get the most
of each session.

*You must use the sessions within 6 months of purchasing.


Ready to take the plunge and progress?

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