Lori speaks to teens and adults and conducts self-discovery workshops and retreats on the topics of:

– spiritual gifts
– strengths
– living from God-given passions
– understanding personalities
– utilizing your life experience
– living intentionally

Her goal is to release God’s people from negativity, insecurity and fear to a faith life that is confident, joyful and active in and for Jesus. Lori will work with your theme, your audience, and your needs to provide inspiration and practical takeaways for every person in the audience.

How Pastors and Lay Members Can Work More Effectively Together

This presentation addresses the need to engage, equip and empower more people to do the work of the Lord. The presentation begins with a “What’s on Your Pastor’s Plate?” discussion. Participates will discuss misconceptions regarding the roles of pastors and laity and discuss how to more effectively engage others in ministry. (1- 1½ hours)


Building a Member Ministry System in Your Congregation

Partakers will learn the eight key principles to an effective member ministry system. Participants will leave with a general overview of how Trinity developed a Member Ministry System that engages hundreds of people in active ministry each year. (1 ½ hours)


Unleashing God’s People: What’s Holding Them Back?

Why are some people in our congregations not actively serving?
Come participate in the discussion and learn that it has to do with lots of possibilities including spiritual health, the actions, attitudes and behaviors of the pastors, leaders, active members and maybe even people at other churches. Often these people need to be served somehow. Are you aware of what’s holding people back in your church? Let’s dig into this topic together. (1 ½ hours)


How to Create a Faith in Action Day at Your Church

Each year Trinity Lutheran Church hosts an annual Faith in Action Day. Hundreds of people come out to serve from 8:00AM to 1:00PM on a Saturday morning and it’s amazing to watch God bless the results. Thousands have been served. Would you like to organize a day to encourage serving at your congregation? Contact Lori to learn how.


Lori also speaks to Women’s Ministry groups on these additional subjects

– Building a Women’s Ministry in Your Congregation

– Building Effective Ministry Teams

– Creating A Vision for Your Ministry and Operating from It

– Strategic Living- Thriving Not Just Surviving

– Thriving in Life and Leadership

– Extending Grace

– Recognizing and Developing Gifts in Your Children