Leaders are Home Grown not Mass Produced Off-site and Delivered

Have you identified that you need more leaders in your church? The truth is you may be hoping they come “prepackaged.” Wouldn’t it be great if we could order them from Amazon fully assembled? The reality is you need to identify, equip and empower leaders in your church.

So, what’s your intentional process to do so? My guess is you may not have one.

When we identify a need, the likely reality is there is a systemic issue to why that need exists.

It usually means that something is being omitted in your processes. You may have no real plan for leadership development.

Think about Jesus. He didn’t find fully developed leaders. He took a bunch of fishermen and some other average Joe’s and equipped them to carry on the work of the church.

How did He do it? He identified who he would invite. (They had been in the crowds.) He invited them. (“Come follow me.”) He walked alongside them and equipped them for three years. He trained them how to do the Lord’s work. (He trained them in the sharing of the Word and the physically caring for the people.) When they couldn’t do something he encouraged them to try a different way. He never gave up on them even when they turned their back on Him. He entrusted and empowered flawed, sinful people to carry on His work here on earth.

So, what can Christian Leadership Development look like from a practical sense today? Join me for an interview with Greg Schmill, Ministry Leadership Director from Grace in Action to learn how their team assists schools, churches and other ministry teams to raise up Christian leaders. Their group provides leadership training, offers to support you and your leaders with personalized coaching, and can strengthen your ministry with innovative resources.

Just last night I was able to benefit from the Grace in Action team’s abilities. My home congregation, Trinity Lutheran Church and Illinois Lutheran Schools brought in Grace in Action to help us grow in our Cultural Competency. We needed help in being a more welcoming church body to people from different ethnicities and they are helping us grow in our understanding and ability to do so. Last year their team helped us to “Grow Young” by understanding generational differences. We want to be effective in reaching the next generation. They’ve also taken our leaders through Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Resiliency training. Strengths and traction are also part of our language because of Grace in Action.

We know every pastor and church leader has a limited amount of time- 168 hours in the week. We also recognize that leadership development is a need of every organization. The question is, “Is developing leaders an ability of yours or of someone else on your team?” If not, you may need to partner up with someone! Learn how Grace in Action can assist you in developing healthier, stronger, more effective Christian leaders in your school, church or other ministry team. You may find out that outsourcing leadership development is the way to go! Join us via a live interactive webinar Wednesday, June 16th at 9:00AM or 7:00PM CST.  Register now space is limited.

Let’s raise up some more Christian leaders together!