What is your why?

By Lori Lorig

Simon Sinek authored the book, “What’s Your Why?” Do you know your personal why? Why do you exist? Can you articulate it?

Each of us were created uniquely and on purpose by God. Have you wrestled with your unique why? Why are you, ____________, here on this earth?    

We each have a purpose to share Jesus but how we do that will look differently for each of us. We have a rare way of how we do it. Do you know how unique you are? Your spiritual gifts, strengths, abilities, personality, and life experiences are all part of what shapes you into the uniquely prepared person you are to live out your individualized calling.

What is God calling you to do for Him in this season? Who will you bless by serving them in your special way?

There’s clarity in claiming your uniqueness and prioritizing the things that only you can do!