Are you struggling….

Do you need directional clarity?

Do you struggle with leading in your church?

Or are you having a hard time getting members to take ownership and become active partners in ministry?

Do you need ideas to move forward and make progress whether in your personal, professional or ministerial life?

I’ve helped numerous individuals and churches take an outside look in. As a Certified Life Coach, I can assist both individuals and church leaders take an inventory of their spiritual gifts, utilize their passions, and find their sweet spot whether it is in their personal or professional lives. Coaching can help people move from sitting to serving as the hands and feet of Christ’s church, and individuals from stuck to thriving.

Or perhaps you want to have a coaching session to learn how you can help church staff work more effectively together.  I can help your team become more self-aware of their own strengths and personalities and learn to work more collaboratively with others.


Who is coaching for:

  • Individuals
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Pastors
  • Church staff
  • Anyone who is tired of the same old, same old and wants to get things moving


What I offer:

  • Group staff coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Consulting on assessing and changing church culture
  • And much more. Just ask.



Want to learn more?

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I offer several affordable options. To get the most of coaching, I advise meeting biweekly or monthly via zoom to initiate different strategies and create greater impact.


Price Structure

Sessions are per person. Contact Lori for group rates.

1 one-hour session for $69.00
3 one-hour sessions for $199.00
6 one-hour sessions for $379.00

Each session will include a follow-up email with key takeaways and homework to get the most
of each session.

*You must use the sessions within 6 months of purchasing.


Ready to take the plunge and progress?

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