Get It Done in 2021!

By now, you’ve probably gotten sick of the word “pivot.” I know I have. 2020 has forced us all to adapt to many changes we may have not chosen ourselves. What have you learned? How did you do?

I had to learn how to share my insights and materials in new and different ways. Speaking and networking at conferences wasn’t an option for me after March. So I created Wednesday Webinars as my way of pivoting! I also started a Member Ministry Network to create a connecting space for people who engage members in ministry.  I grew in my abilities and  became certified as a life coach and have almost completed my generalist church consultant certification!  My specialized consulting is in Creating a Member Ministry System.

Each year, at this time I do some strategic life planning. I generally take a week to plan for the following year. I take a day to plan for the month ahead. I take an hour on Mondays to strategize for the week ahead. How do you plan to live intentionally?

Let me share my 5 key tips for living more intentional in 2021.

  1. Start with gratitude. Celebrate the things you were able to accomplish in 2020. Perhaps you’ve simplified your schedule and created more margin for yourself, your relationship with God and the people you love. Maybe less physical connection with others has helped you to appreciate it and value it more. Celebrate that! God always has something to teach us in the pain of difficult times. He refines us through the process. Celebrate refinement! Just assess what you’ve learned in 2020.
  2. Next, spend some time reflecting on the different areas of your life. How’s your spiritual, physical, emotional and relational health? How are you taking care of yourself? If you’re not taking care of you, you won’t likely be much good to others. Are you making time for the most important relationships in your life? And all of this rests on your relationship with God. If you aren’t being filled up you won’t have anything to pour forth to others.
  3. Take a step back and ask, “What is God’s purpose for me in 2021?” Envision what he is calling you toward. We all have so many options. But there are things God has uniquely called you to do. What are those things that only you can do? Learn to operate with a mindset of saying your best yes.  So many things via for your attention. Only you can discern for yourself your best yes. How will you serve God and others in 2021?
  4. Ink it! Get it on paper. So often people miss this step. Writing things down helps your goals become real! As you document what you are trying to accomplish it becomes more intentional! And intentional is what you are working toward.
  5. Finally, operate from these goals. Keep them in front of you. Create a strategy to accomplish these goals. I like to look about 90 days ahead. What can you accomplish in a season? You would be surprised by how little by little progress adds up!

Would you like to live more intentionally in 2021? I would love to help you get that done! Check out my coaching page and let’s see what we can accomplish together!

God’s blessings to you and your loved ones in 2021!